Standout as an Optometrist

The world of optometry is changing every day and with those changes comes new competitors.
In order to keep up with the changes it is beneficial for optometrists and other practitioners to
find exclusive ways to continue growing in the practice whilst differentiating themselves from
other practitioners.
If you are an owner of a private practice and are seeking to make your office stand out to the
community, there are many ways to give your practice its own distinctions. All with easy to do
tips, such as these:
-Customer satisfaction: as the famous saying for any business goes, “The customer is always
right.” When working one on one with patients who are putting their eye care needs into your
hands, it is imperative to make customers feel comfortable with you. Conversations are a great
way of letting your patients know that you’re easy to talk to. Take into consideration people who
are frightened by doctors, asking a simple “how are you doing?” can ease a patient into trusting
you and your practice leading to a better experience overall. Be sure to listen to what they
inform you so that you may offer the best possible treatment plan. Giving your patient options is
also a great way of informing them on what is available. Another tip is to hire employees that
you know are suitable for your office. Customers enjoy a friendly environment and helpful staff.
-Communication: in addition to customer service you should always make sure that you’re
properly communicating what it is that you do. Make sure that they are able to understand your
practice and the treatment options you offer, usage of pictures also helps. Communication also
helps in the sense of availability. An eye injury may happen to your patient at any time and you
will most likely be the first person they contact, make sure you are getting back to your patient’s
in a timely manner. Try to be accommodating with their schedule as well as yours.
-Give suggestions: it is great that you are able to provide your patients with the best care
possible but even going the extra mile and giving suggestions is beneficial. Suggesting ways to
better their eye care while away from the office proves to patients that you truly care about their
eye health. This can create trust in each and every patient and allow them to feel that you are
catering to their individual needs, making a better experience for both you and the patient.
-Technology: with technology changing by the second, so should your office. The more
advanced and up to date your office is the better. Your patients will feel that they are getting the
most out of their visit, in turn allowing them to feel more comfortable. Invest in tools that ensure
you to get the best possible results quickly. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from
other practices. It gives patients the message that you are in-the-know and are keeping up with
the optometry world as it vastly changes. The tools are also a great way to impress your
These tips listed above will ensure a better chance for your practice to grow. Stand out from
your optometry community!

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